12/9/2001 Bristlecone CNPS says Water Agreement/EIR/MOU should take precedence over General Plan
The Bristlecone Chapter of the California Native Plant Society sent a letter to the Inyo
County Supervisors supporting the Owens Valley Committee's position that provisions of the
Inyo-LA Water Agreement/EIR/MOU should take precedence over the county General Plan in
cases where the documents are in conflict. The text of the letter is given below.

December 7, 2000

Inyo County Board of Supervisors
County Court House
Independence, CA 93526

Dear Supervisors:

I am writing with regard to the proposed revision of the Inyo
County General Plan currently under your consideration. Members
of the Bristlecone Chapter of the California Native Plant Society
CNPS) spent many hours over many years working to secure approval
of the Inyo-LA Long Term Water Agreement and remedy its deficient
EIR through negotiation of the associated MOU. While we have,
unfortunately, become accustomed to efforts by the Los Angeles
Department of Water and Power to disregard provisions of these
documents, we are disappointed to see the Inyo County Planning
Department doing the same thing. I am referring to portions of
the proposed general plan which are inconsistent with these

Just as the county has taken a strong position with regard to
the McNally Canals and the size of the pumpback station for the
Lower Owens River Project, the county should also adhere to the
Agreement/EIR/MOU with regard to mitigation projects and Type E
vegetation. Please remember all the work and years of negotiations
that went into these agreements.

On behalf of the Bristlecone Chapter of CNPS I respectfully
request that you adopt a policy asserting the supremacy of the
Water Agreement, EIR, and MOU in any cases where conflicts may
arise between these documents and the General Plan. Thank you for
considering our views.

original signed by Daniel Pritchett

Daniel Pritchett
Conservation Chair
Bristlecone Chapter, CNPS
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