Groundwater: An Introduction

What is groundwater? Delineations between surface water, groundwater, and underground water can be distressingly murky. E.C. Pielou (1998) provides one of the clearest definitions of groundwater when she notes that the word applies “only to water that saturates the ground, filling all the available spaces,” or to water within the saturated zone, the upper boundary of which … Read more

Desertification As Usual: Groundwater Management Under The Inyo-LA Long Term Water Agreement

Note: The article below was written in 2005. In 2013 only a few edits were necessary. The problems discussed have only worsened since the article was first posted. Also see our Blackrock and Symmes Disaster pages or our groundwater brochure [PDF] Introduction  Figure 2. This pedestal sports living sprigs of meadow bunchgrass, Sporobolus airoides, in this photo taken in 2007. The … Read more