Owens Valley Issues

Los Angeles’s acquisition of virtually all land and water on the floor of Owens Valley, and the resulting status of the valley as a resource colony underlies almost all questions of Owens Valley resource management. Rather than attempting to directly remedy this historic injustice, the OVC has, instead, sought an indirect remedy through enforcement of … Read more


2/15/2014 March 22, 2014 OVC fund raising event to feature Bill Powers OVC is pleased to announce that Bill Powers, an expert on distributed solar power generation (aka “Solar Done Right”) will speak at our annual fund raising event Saturday March 22, 2014 at the Mountain Light Gallery, 106 Main St., Bishop, CA. The event … Read more

OVC story on KCET

A writer for station KCET in Los Angeles, the nation’s largest independent public television station, visited Owens Valley last December and found it a “life changing experience.” His story, including quotes from OVC Board members Mary Roper and Daniel Pritchett is at https://www.kcet.org/shows/lost-la/paiute-la-aqueduct-owens-valley.

A Brief Overview: Recent Owens Valley Water History and OVC

Note: In 2008, Inyo County Water Department posted a far more extensive 1902-2007 chronology of events in Owens Valley water history than our overview. If you’d like to see it, click here: In 1902, to open more western land to settlement and irrigation, Congress created the United States Reclamation Service. The Owens Valley in eastern California was … Read more