2/15/2014  March 22, 2014 OVC fund raising event to feature Bill Powers
1/18/2014  OVC elects Board of Directors for 2014
6/11/2013  OVC newsletter available
5/26/2013  OVC leaves Owens Lake Planning Committee
5/16/2013  Eden Interrupted: Historical perspectives on Owens Valley agriculture
4/14/2013  DWP's Marty Adams to again speak to Inyo Supervisors
4/7/2013  OVC story on KCET
4/3/2013  DWP abandons Owens Lake Master Plan negotiations
2/18/2013  Comments on dust control measures DEIR due March 18, 2013
2/8/2013  Idle No More picketing of LA Aqueduct Centennial commemoration
3/2/2012  Ripples: news in brief from the Owens Valley Committee
12/15/2011  Metabolic Studio will match your donation
12/14/2011  OVC and DFG settle hatchery and stocking EIR lawsuit
7/6/2011  Inyo County challenges Los Angeles groundwater pumping plan
4/29/2011  Suction dredging may hit bottom in a watershed near you
2/10/2010  OVC challenges California DFG's Hatchery and Stocking EIR
1/11/2010  LADWP holds Bishop meeting to discuss solar project
5/8/2009  Supervisors uphold permit for groundwater export project
1/17/2009  Hay Ranch groundwater pumping: extracting the effects of water transfers
11/18/2008  On the agenda: Owens Lake
2/15/2008  For Valentine's Day, Lower Owens carries LA mayor away
12/12/2007  Deaton retires, and Nahai takes the helm
7/13/2007  In brief: Standing Committee meeting summary
5/23/2007  A first descent: Lower Owens floats their boats
3/13/2007  Judge rules lower Owens close, but no vacation
12/7/2006  At last, water rejoins the lower Owens River
11/30/2006  Mulholland Christmas Carol musical satire opens in LA
11/30/2006  EPA backs down from threats to rural air standards at Mono and Owens lakes
8/30/2006  Ad hoc meetings bring hope to mitigation process
8/30/2006  Ripping yarn or happy ending: Can the Green Book be revised?
4/14/2006  Reminder: EPA proposal leaves Owens Valley in the dust
1/25/2006  Construction begins on Lower Owens River Project
1/18/2006  New revisions may turn a blind eye to lake dust
7/25/2005  Judge threatens to stop exports
6/25/2005  Judge rules against LADWP
4/19/2005  LADWP releases April 1 snow surveys in eastern Sierra
2/21/2005  OVC Foundation Visitor Center opens in Lone Pine
2/1/2005  Note to Gewe: Legal obligations aren't a frill
1/18/2005  OVC and Sierra Club ask Court to enforce MOU
10/17/2004  Inyo County BOS studies options for possible reorganization of the Inyo County Water Department
10/6/2004  Sierra Club files CEQA lawsuit against LADWP
7/30/2004  Short takes from the July 29 Inyo County Water Commission meeting
6/24/2004  Correction: not necessarily a Final Environmental Impact Statement
6/23/2004  LADWP releases LORP report
6/15/2004  Lower Owens River Project Update
4/22/2004  April 15, 2004 Settlement Conference with Judge Denton
4/5/2004  Public invited to groundwater lecture at Bishop Union High School
3/15/2004  Rose Foundation announces grant recipients
3/4/2004  Judge Sets Mandatory Settlement Conference Over Recent LORP Settlement Non-compliance
3/2/2004  Inyo County and LADWP release status report
12/18/2003  Inyo County approves tentative settlement of LORP litigation
12/5/2003  California Attorney General files suit against DWP over LORP delays
10/5/2003  OVC offers programs and field trips
10/5/2003  OVC applies for America's Most Endangered Rivers status for Lower Owens River
9/12/2003  NEW!! Eastern Sierra Birding Trail Map
6/1/2003  Highway Clean Up
5/2/2003  Inyo County's response to LADWP pumping plan
1/4/2003  LORP DEIR/EIS issue for comment: noxious weed control
1/4/2003  LORP DEIR/EIS issue for comment: brine pool transition area
1/3/2003  Sample comment letter on LORP DEIR/EIS
1/2/2003  See the text-only version of our LORP DEIR/EIS flyer
12/18/2002  Peruse OVC talking points January 2, 2003
12/5/2002  Lower Owens River Project faces potential delays
11/26/2002  Volunteers lengthen list of LORP DEIR/S issues
11/1/2002  A LORP DEIR/S is born
10/24/2002  Summary of Inyo/LA Standing Comm meeting 10.23.02
9/12/2002  Court orders agencies to release DEIR or show cause
9/10/2002  SWRCB considers Pine Creek hydroelectric water rights permit
9/6/2002  LADWP and Inyo County file Sept. 6 report to Inyo Superior Court on failure to complete LORP DEIR
9/6/2002  OVC and Sierra Club file request for relief statement after LADWP fails to release LORP DEIR
8/30/2002  LADWP and Inyo County file Aug. 15 status report on LORP DEIR/EIS progress
8/1/2002  LADWP and Inyo County file July 31 status report on EIR/EIS
7/29/2002  Request a copy of the LORP DEIR/S now
7/6/2002  July 1st status to the Superior Court regarding progress on the Draft EIR on the Lower Owens River
4/28/2002  LADWP's 2002 pumping plan: spin-doctoring and incomplete analysis
3/22/2002  EPA sides with OVC in opposing LADWP's plans for a larger LORP pumpback station
3/19/2002  High Country News treads the gumbo of a dusty lake
3/10/2002  LADWP tries to evade its responsibility to 'avoid' impacts
2/25/2002  LADWP reports on its community outreach program
2/15/2002  LADWP distances itself from its own consultant regarding Drought Recovery Policy
2/5/2002  Inyo Water Commission not persuaded by LADWP's Drought Recovery Policy interpretation
1/17/2002  Inyo County Water Department reports on status of mitigation projects -- many are behind schedule
1/17/2002  County announces two vacancies on the Water Commission
12/26/2001  OVC and SC sue LA over failure to prepare draft EIR on LORP
12/19/2001  New LADWP General Manager Selected
12/18/2001  LADWP says Drought Recovery Policy does not apply to vegetation
12/9/2001  Bristlecone CNPS says Water Agreement/EIR/MOU should take precedence over General Plan
12/4/2001  Supervisors hear concerns about conflicts between Water Agreement and Proposed General Plan
11/27/2001  LADWP reverses the flow
11/20/2001  Supervisors meet to discuss General Plan
11/19/2001  OVC to develop new web site