9/12/2003 NEW!! Eastern Sierra Birding Trail Map
The Eastern Sierra of Inyo and Mono counties has now joined other important wildlife areas around the United States with the release of the new EASTERN SIERRA BIRDING TRAIL MAP. This vehicle-based birding trail map was developed jointly by the Eastern Sierra Audubon Society, the Mono Lake Committee and the Owens Valley Committee and covers 200 miles on and off of the Highway 395 corridor from Owens Lake to Bridgeport. Birders (formerly “bird watchers”) using the map are guided to 38 different birding locations where hiking trails allow even further exploration. Visitor information, directions to the sites, seasons to visit, the types of habitats and what species of birds might be seen are all provided. Varied habitats from high in the Sierra Nevada and White Mountains down to the valley floors are a rich sampler of the incredible natural diversity that exists in the Eastern Sierra. From bluebirds and blue grouse to wood ducks and warblers there are birds and other wildlife for everyone. This is in addition to the unparalleled scenic landscapes and natural quiet.
Among the fastest growing outdoor activities in America, birding is attracting visitors to rural areas and thereby supporting local economies, helping with wildlife conservation and providing low impact recreational use. Many birders plan entire vacations designed around the species of birds that they hope to see. The Eastern Sierra Birding Trail Map will attract everyone with an interest in birds and nature and will surely rank as one of the top birding trail maps in the nation.
For $50.00 per year business sponsors will receive Eastern Sierra Birding Trail maps, a 2004 sticker for their front window and will be listed on the birding trail’s website as a supporter. Initial sponsors are credited for both 2003 and 2004.
For a free copy of the Eastern Sierra Birding Trail Map or sponsorship contact either the Owens Valley Committee (760.876.1845 or the Mono Lake Committee (760.647.6595 Also look on the web soon at { }.

Contacts:  Mike Prather Phone: 760-876-5807