2/4/2002 INYO COUNTY WATER COMMISSION MEETING- Monday, February 4, 2002 at 6:00 p.m.-Bishop
Monday, February 4, 2002 at 6:00 p.m.
Superior Court – Bishop City Hall
301 W. Line Street
Bishop, California


The public will be offered the opportunity to comment on each agenda item prior to any action on the item by the Water Commission or, in the absence of action, prior to the Commission moving to the next item on the agenda. The public will also be offered the opportunity to address the Commission on any matter within the Commission’s jurisdiction prior to adjournment of the meeting.

1. Agenda Additions or Changes

2. Approval of Minutes of Meeting of January 9, 2002

3. Drought Recovery Policy Presentations

a. Presentation by LADWP consultant, Montgomery-Watson-Harza

b. Presentation by Inyo County Water Department

c. Discussion and Possible Recommendation by Water Commission

4. Discussion of E/M Projects and Mitigation Measures

5. Public Comment

6. Schedule Next Water Commission Meeting

7. Adjourn
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