photo by Stephen Ingram

About the committee: The Owens Valley Committee was founded in 1983 and is a non-profit (501c3) organization seeking just and sustainable management of Owens Valley land and water resources. We envision a valley in which existing open space is protected, historic land uses sustained, and depleted groundwater reserves and surface water flows restored as Los Angeles phases out its dependence on Owens Valley water.

The OVC is a party to the 1997 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to the EIR of the 1991 Inyo-LA Long Term Water Agreement.

Our bylaws are available here.

About our board: The Owens Valley Committee holds yearly board elections on the second Tuesday of January each year; our board consists of between three and seven members who serve for one year at a time or longer if they so choose. The Owens Valley Committee's activist members--volunteers whose work, in the opinion of the board, has contributed substantially to either OVC's mission or to the organization--elect the Owens Valley Committee board. Board members for 2014 include Mary Roper (President), Daniel Pritchett (Vice President), Constance Spenger (Secretary), Harry Williams, and Nancy Masters.

About this site: In November 2001, this site was lovingly created, compiled, written and/or edited, and then hand-coded in a hurry by two OVC volunteers with a preference for high information content and quick download times. Since then, the site has been rewritten, edited, reorganized, expanded, contracted, re-coded, and randomly shuffled by one or more volunteers with the same preference for high information content and homegrown code, in the hope that character accomplishes more than beauty.