10/5/2003 OVC offers programs and field trips
The Owens Valley Committee offers programs/presentations and field trips to groups anywhere in southern California. The theme of this offering surrounds Owens Valley land and water issues, particularly those involving the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (a 200,000-plus acre land owner in the Owens Valley). Topics covered are:

*the rewatering of 62 miles of the Lower Owens River (LORP)

*Owens Lake PM-10 dust abatement and the attraction of thousands of migrating shorebirds

*groundwater pumping by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) for export and its destructive impacts on the Owens Valley environment

*land and water managment practices of LADWP

*the Inyo County / Los Angeles Long-Term Water Agreement

Contacts:  Mike Prather Phone: 760-876-5807