11/1/2002 A LORP DEIR/S is born
The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and the Inyo County Water Department released the Lower Owens River Project Draft Environmental Impact Report/Statement today (November 1, 2002) after a five-year gestation period.


Review a copy during business hours at your county public library (in Bishop, Big Pine, Independence, or Lone Pine), the Inyo County Water Department (163 May Street in Bishop), the Inyo County Planning Department (168 North Edwards in Independence), the Owens Valley Indian Water Commission (46 Tu Su Lane in Bishop), the United States Environmental Protection Agency Library (75 Hawthorne Street, 13th floor, in San Francisco), or the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (111 N. Hope Street, Room 518, in Los Angeles).

You can download an Adobe pdf version of the LORP DEIR (or see more about it) by typing into your browser window. Obtain an electronic copy on compact disk (free) or a color copy ($25) from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (300 Mandich Street, Bishop, CA 93514, 872-1104). Request a black-and-white photocopy from the US Environmental Protection Agency (Gail Louis, 75 Hawthorne Street, WTR-3, San Francisco, CA 94105, 415-972-3467).


1. If you'd like to join other concerned individuals and groups in analyzing, processing, or publicizing the LORP DEIR, we need your help. Call the Owens Valley Committee at 760-876-1845, or e-mail us ( with your name, address, preferred e-mail address, and phone number, and tell us that you'd like to help with the LORP.

2. Send or fax your own written comments regarding the LORP DEIR by January 14, 2003 to Clarence Martin, 300 Mandich Street, Bishop, CA 93514, fax 760-873-0266.

3. If you would like to receive e-mail about the LORP DEIR, or if you'd just prefer to receive our upcoming general comments regarding strong points and weaknesses in the LORP DEIR via the US postal service, call us (760-876-1845) or e-mail us ( with your e-mail or postal address and tell us that you'd like to hear about the LORP DEIR.

4. Attend public meetings (see "Events") and write your elected officials (see "Take Action--Make Contact") to support our positions regarding the LORP DEIR and the long term water agreement between Inyo County and Los Angeles.

5. If you lack the time but still want to help, make a donation (see "Contact us")--it'll help immeasurably with our anticipated costs for photocopying, analyses, educational ads and mailing campaigns to inform Owens Valley communities and others throughout California about the LORP DEIR.

(To see more information about the LORP DEIR, click on "Issues" in the OVC menu bar and follow the links.)

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