4/14/2013 DWP's Marty Adams to again speak to Inyo Supervisors
DWP's Marty Adams will once again speak to Inyo County Supervisors at 9:30 am Tuesday April 16, presumably to again seek their support for the Owens Lake Master Plan that DWP is unilaterally developing. Given that the plan will undoubtedly call for new groundwater pumping and will not call for keeping any "saved" water in Owens Valley, it is not clear why Inyo County Supervisors would have any incentive to endorse it. Mr. Adams' efforts appear to be part of a statewide media campaign to greenwash LADWP's image and divert attention from its lawsuit attempting, among other things, to invalidate all existing agreements requiring it to mitigate dust at Owens Lake, thereby passing most mitigation costs from DWP ratepayers to the public at large.
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