4/3/2013 DWP abandons Owens Lake Master Plan negotiations
On March 26, 2013, DWP's Martin Adams sent a letter to members of the Owens Lake Planning Committee in which he wrote that DWP had decided to develop an Owens Lake management plan unilaterally. He observed (correctly) that by developing a plan unilaterally, "it may appear that DWP is abandoning the master plan process..." In the same letter informing negotiating parties that DWP had abandoned negotiations, Adams asked that the Habitat subcommittee (of the Planning Committee) continue to meet. This is because DWP has decided to establish a new wellfield near Owens Lake and wants the subcommittee to help it decide how much damage it can do and still call the pumping “sustainable.” Adam's letter made no reference to the fact that DWP had sponsored public meetings in 1999 to address this question of acceptable impacts, and that the Inyo County public had said, in effect “no impacts are acceptable”.
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