4/5/2004 Public invited to groundwater lecture at Bishop Union High School
Dr. Sally Manning, Vegetation Scientist of the Inyo County Water Department, will offer a presentation titled “Vegetation and Groundwater in the Owens Valley: Two Decades of Measuring Change” sponsored by the Owens Valley Committee. The presentation will be on Thursday April 22nd at 7:00 PM at the auditorium of the Bishop Union High School. Dr. Manning will update us on the status of the vegetation and groundwater monitoring activities of the Water Department, which was an issue much in the forefront when the area was negotiating the Long Term Water Agreement in the 1990’s. Ten years later, this issue remains as important as ever in the ongoing management of vegetation resources in the Owens Valley, and Dr. Manning’s update will provide the public with some critical observations made over the two decades during which this monitoring has occurred. All interested members of the public are invited. For further information, contact Carla Scheidlinger of the Owens Valley Committee at 873-0011 (day) or 873-8439 (evening).
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