12/15/2011 Metabolic Studio will match your donation
Early this summer the Owens Valley Committee received a generous grant from the Metabolic Studio, a direct charitable activity of the Annenberg Foundation led by artist Lauren Bon.

The Studio has been active in the Lone Pine area for the past four years. Among other projects, they are currently working on a film about the history of extraction and exportation of silver and water from the Owens Valley to Los Angeles. Film locations include Cerro Gordo, Swansea, and the PPG site on the west side of Owens Lake. They have also initiated the IOU Garden in Lone Pine in partnership with master gardeners, community members, and DWP. Among other benefits the project builds enriched soil and distributes it to community members for their own gardens.

The Metabolic Studio has provided an initial grant of $50,000, plus a 1:1 matching grant of another $50,000. The grant is for general operating support to further the OVC mission to seek long-term protection, restoration, and sustainable management of lands in the Owens Valley.

Funds that will be matched include contributions over the basic $25 annual membership and any other cash donations or grants. (In-kind support of goods or services will not be matched.) OVC has until June 30, 2012 to raise the matching funds, but the Metabolic Studio will provide the matching funds in $10,000 increments.

OVC has already received a $10,000 grant from another foundation that requested anonymity. With the Metabolic Studio match of this grant OVC is planning to add a part-time Fundraising and Outreach Coordinator, our first staff person ever to work on this important function.

We have until the end of next June to raise another $40,000 and receive the balance of the matching funds. Please consider making a donation to OVC that will help us reach this goal. Itís a rare opportunity to have your contribution nearly doubled.

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