3/12/2002 OVC Meeting and Work Session
Our next OVC meeting is Tuesday, March 12th 6PM at Tom and Jo Heindel's. Bring munchies and motivation and send me any agenda items that you would like added.

Directions to Tom and Jo Heindel's in Big Pine.

Coming south turn right on Dewey St (just after the Texaco and before the creek). It's 2 blocks down on the left - 280 Dewey St. Circular driveway with porch light on. Phone 938-2764

1.) Treasurer's report
2.) OVC annual report for members
3.) Legal update
4.) Media Plan??/ counter to DWP public outreach
5.) OVC mailing ? (large scale)
6.) LADWP white paper needed??
7.) Other items
8.) next meeting
Contacts:  Mike Prather prather [prather@QNET.COM] Phone: