6/30/2010 Peak flows and a not-necessarily-existential discussion
A few quick updates from the Owens Valley Committee:

If you would like to see the Lower Owens River in well-hydrated condition, there's no time like this coming week. Seasonal habitat flows for the Lower Owens River begin Friday and will peak at 200 cubic feet per second next Wednesday, June 30, before tapering back down to average flows of 40 cubic feet per second during the first week of July. Inyo County Water Department and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power decide when to begin peak flows based on when cottonwoods and willows in the area are most likely to release an eye-watering blizzard of fluffy seeds. (Warning: those with cottonwood allergies may enjoy the river more later in the summer.)

Also among water-related events coming down the pike, the Inyo County Water Commission will meet Wednesday, June 30, at 6:00 p.m. in the Board of Supervisors Room at the Inyo County Administrative Center (224 N. Edwards) in Independence. The main item listed on the agenda is simply "Discussion of role and future of the Water Commission," a discussion which promises to be at least interesting and possibly very, very important.

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