11/1/2007 Inyo/LA Technical Group meeting this Thursday

November 1, 2007, 10:00 a.m.
LADWP Multi-Purpose Room
300 Mandich Street, Bishop, California

The public will be offered the opportunity to comment on each agenda item prior to any action on the item by the Technical Group. The public will also be offered the opportunity to address the Technical Group on any matter within the Technical Group’s jurisdiction prior to adjournment of the meeting.

Meeting Chair: Gene Coufal

1. Operations Update

2. Manzanar Monitoring Sites

3. Description of South Haiwee Project

4. Green Book Revision Update

5. Review and Recommendation of Green Book Revision Work Plans
a.) ON/OFF Triggering Mechanism
b.) New Wells
c.) Groundwater Mining

6. Status of LORP– Blackrock Acreage Monitoring

7. Agenda for Standing Committee Meeting (November 19th)

8. Public Comment

9. Schedule Next Meeting

10. Adjourn
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