photo by Andrew Kirk





Smaller acts

1. Read up

The Bishop Public Library has a collection of articles, videos, and documents on water issues, as does Inyo County Water Department. Or, if you're short on time, follow our links (News, Events, Issues, Related links, Suggested reading) and keep an eye on the newspaper.

2. Try water and land management in your own back yard

Groundwater pumping, development, and human activity have all hurt Owens Valley vegetation. Birds depend on many of these disappearing plants for food and shelter, as do mule deer, many insect pollinators, and other animals in the valley.

Consider how your actions can help or hurt local flora and fauna (including yourself), and act accordingly. For example, save yourself some mowing and lend a little room to native plants in your own yard. Don't use herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers where they might enter surface water or seep into groundwater. And, regardless of who's downstream, try to pour only biodegradable detergents and nontoxic chemicals into your sink.